How boost internet speed up to 30 Mbps

How boost internet speed up to 30 Mbps


friends my name is Sai Krishna in this video I will explain you how to boost your internet speed upto 30 mbps




  • friends you always suffer with low internet speed and you always search for the best application.
  • which will provide you a best internet connection and you can use your internet speed very fastly.
  • but friends you can’t find there is no best in the Play Store.
  • I brought a best application through which you can boost your internet speed upto 30 mbps.



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icon of the application is as under


App Details


Version : 5.3

Updated on : 29 Apr 2020

Downloads : 10M+ Downloads

Offered By : Cloudflare.Inc

Released on : 10 Nov 2018

App permissions : Location, Storage




Facts about the App
  • friends here you can see there are 10 million plus downloads are available for this app.
  • in addition to this there are 146000 reviews for this application.
  • thereafter we can see that there is 4.3 rating is available for this app which indicate this app is best quality application in the Play Store.
  • to download this application we need to expand our 7.4 MB mobile data to boost our internet speed.


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How to download the app
  • in this video friends I explain entire procedure how you can download this app step by step you have to follow the entire procedure to download the app.
  • friends at the very firsyou have to open play store along with the mobile data.
  • from your friends you have to search for internet booster
  • then you will get an application with above Shown icon
  • from where you have to click on the icon then the application will be open.
  • from their friends you have to to click on the icon then you can see hear and install button in green colour.
  • then you have to click on the install button the installation procedure will automatically starts.
  • after the installation completed then you will get an open button in green colour as shown in below image.



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  • friends you have to click on the open button to open the application.
  • then application will be open and from there you can use the application.
  • friends to use this application you have to agree to the terms and conditions and you have to accept all the privacy policy of this application.
  • without agreeing to this privacy policy and terms and conditions you cannot use this application.


How to use the application
  • to use this application friends to have to agree the all the privacy policy and have to give allow to all the permissions.
  • in addition to this you have to do all the settings which I explained in the video.
  • then friends you will get a button to connect a disconnect here after you have to click on the connect button.
  • thereafter friends finally you will be able to use the internet with high internet speed.
  • by using this application there is a possibility that you might get up to 30mbps internet speed.


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