How to play youtube video when display is off

How to play youtube video when display is off


My name is Saikrishna in this video i explained how to play youtube video when display is off.


How to play youtube video when display is off

  • Hi friends! How are you all i hope you are all doing well and friends.
  • Friends when ever you play any song or video song in youtube
  • From there after if you close the display then your song or video song will be automatically closed.
  • In addition to this in my post i explained how to play song or video song in your mobile,tab, computer in youtube like my music app.
  • This is the best app to play youtube video when display is off.


  • So friends like every time i brought a new and special application for you which got so many downloads in short time span after launch friends.
  • ln this post i explained everything how to download the app and how to install the app
  • In addition to this how to make the best setting to play song or video song in youtube when display is off.
  • Friends icon of the app is as under.


Best Mic for Youtube videos, Boya M1


App Details

Version : 1.1

Updated on : 24 Oct 2017

Downloads : 100K+ downloads

Download size : 1.89 MB

Offered by : AZ-Apps

Released on 21 Oct 2017

App Permissions : Phone


WhatsApp Tricks 2020 , Latest WhatsApp Tricks

How to download the app
  • Friends to download the application you have to do nothing you just open play store app in your Android.
  • From there after search for black me from where you will get and app at the very first application with above showed icon.
  • Friends to play the song or video song this is the best app to play-youtube-video in your Android mobile.
  • To download the app friends you must have 1.9MB mobile data in your mobile.
  • In addition to this friends day by day craze for this amazing app is increasing.
  • And the users of this application are increasing due to best features available in this app.
  • You can see there are 1K reviews with 3.1 rating which indicates how the app is helpful to all users.


How to run two apps at a time in your mobile

How to install the App
  • Friends to install the app you need not to do any thing you just click on the install button as shown below



  • After clicking on the install button then the app will be install in your mobile.
  • After installation friends you can use this app very easily and you can hear song or video  in youtbe.
  • Because this is the best app to play-youtube-video in Smart phone.
  • As per my point of view every smart phone user must have this app for fun.


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How to use the App
  • Friends after installing the application open tab will be display.
  • There then after clicking on the open tab you can open the app there you can see the main interface of the app.
  • At the initial a permission request you will see from there you have to press on ok.
  • In addition to this if you click on cancel then you will not be able to play youtube video
  • When display is off and you efforts to install this app will be waste.
  • After clicking on the ok button another popup menu will be open in which you have to Allow this app Allow display over other apps.
  • After giving allow you will redirect to app and three setting will appear in front of you. which are as under.


Best Shortcut App for Every Smart Phone

  • After allowing Floating Button a moving button in rectangle shape will appear on the display we will discuss after this para graph.
  • Second option is while you play youtube video or song in your mobile.
  • When your display is off do you want call or not form here can make setting either you want calls or not.
  • In third setting you can you can select after making display off or black
  • in how many taps on display do you want to make display on you can select here.
  • Friends every setting is available here.


WhatsApp Tricks 2020 , Latest WhatsApp Tricks

Moving button on display

  • Friends when you enable first button on your display then you get a moving box on your display.
  • From there where you can off display or black display just clicking on that moving button.
  • And you have to play-youtbe-video or song in youtube app and just fix that moving box position at a fixed place i recommend you that any corner is best place for it.
  • whenever you play-youtube-video or song you can simply click on that moving box and then your display will turn off then you can use your youtube app as my music app.
  • Friends after using this app you can put your smart phone any where and you can play-youtube-video or song by keeping your mobile or smart phone any where in your pocket also.


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  • If you encourage me by giving so many likes with this motivation i will bring so many useful apps in front of you which will be so much helpful to you friends

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