How to run two apps at a time in your mobile

How to run two apps at a time in your mobile


Friends my name is Saikrishna In this article i will explain you how to run two articles in one mobile diaplay.


  • Hello friends my name is saikrishna and welcome to Nonstop Techtips.
  • Friends i can surely say that you definitely faced a situation that to run two or multiple mobile apps at single screen.
  • In such situation i know that you have faced huge problem
  • But in this article friends i explained how you can run multiple apps in your mobile without download a single app.
  • Friends to run multiple apps and get the benefits of split screen facility available in your mobile  i explained entire procedure in this article you have to follow the same to get the benefits.
  • Photo of split screen facility in mobile is as under





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How to use this facility in your mobile to run-two-apps at a same time
  • Friends to run apps multiple apps at time in the mobile we have open mobile lock with our chosen password.
  • Then after we have select those two apps in which we have some work and we have open both of the apps in your mobile.
  • if data connection is reqd to any app from them both apps we have to switch on the mobile data.
  • if any of then does not want mobile data then not required to switch on.
  • To split screen as in above showed picture we have to do two main steps without those we can not switch on the split screen.
  • Steps are as under.
  • The first beginning step for the split screen is to open first app and then you have to minimize it instead on closing it.
  • The second step for the split screen is to open second app and then you have to click on the home button to minimize the app.




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Process from there
  • After opening minimizing the both apps we have to click on the tab bar and then we have to select a particular app then we have to long press on it.


  • Then we will get a option of split screen. In the three option it will be at last option.
  • From there you have to click on the split screen option.
  • In addition to this then automatically first app will take position one and second app will come in front of you.
  • Then you have to click on second app then the split screen as shown above will happen in your mobile.



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  • This spit screen option is not available in some mobiles it is available in only latest mobiles.
  • If your mobile is not supporting split screen then also i brought a best app for the split screen you can download from below link.
  • Icon of the app is as under.



How to install and use the App
  • To Install the app we have enter in to play store and search for split screen in play store search bar.
  • From there first app will come that is this app from there we have to click on this icon.
  • Then we can easily install the App.






How to run two apps at a time in your mobile

Facts about the App
  • Friends you can see 6.1 mobile data is required to download the App.
  • There are 1M+ downloads for this app.
  • Friends there are 12K reviews for this app.
  • 4.1 rating is given by the app which indicates how much this app is best.



Features of App

  • There are five photos in this app which manifests the facilities available in this app.
  • You can download from the below link



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  • Finally friends if you like the article and you are able run-two-apps in single screen of your mobile then subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get latest updates on our new videos Thank you so much guys take care bye bye….


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