Unlock secret tricks hide in your brightness option

Unlock secret tricks hide in your brightness option


Friends My name is Saikrishna In this article i will explain you secret tricks behind your brightness bar



  • Hello friends! my name is saikrishna and i am good here i hope you all are doing well.
  • Friends i can surely say that there are some secret tricks behind the brightness bar in our mobile.
  • Actually the brightness button is available in every mobile irrespective of higher or lower.
  • But the thing is what there are secret tricks behind the brightness button.
  • In addition to this through which you can shock any one and you can use your mobile as a smart person.



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  • In this video i explained how to unlock those secret-tricks behind the brightness button.
  • Thereafter you have to follow the entire procedure to unlock the secret-tricks in your mobile too.
  • To unlock the secret settings friends you have to download a small application.
  • In addition to this through which you can easily unlock those secret-tricks in your mobile.
  • Thereafter only you will be able to shock anyone through those secret tricks.
  • Icon of that small app is as under.



App Details 

Version : 1.6

Updated on : Jun 9, 2020

Downloads 1k+ dowloads

Download size. 3.00Mb

offred by Athinban Raj

Released on 17 May 2020

App Permissions : Run foreground service, have full network access.

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Facts about the App to unlock secret-tricks behind your brightness option
  • Friends here you can see there are 1k+ download after its launch friends.
  • here you can see app is released on 17 May 2020 and updated on 09 Jun 2020
  • There after friends after the launch of three months only it has secured 1K downloads it is too much higher.
  • We can also see here friends there are 28 reviews on in this app.


  • To download this app friends we required just 3.0 mb mobile which is too low any one can download it so easily friends.
  • you can also see here there is 4.8 rating for this app out of 5.0.
  • Which is too high to any app which is also indicates how much this app is user friendly to all its users.





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How to download and install this app to unlock secret-tricks 
  • To install this app friends we just have to switch on mobile data in your mobile.


  • In addition with this have to we have to open play store and then we have to search for the app that is App brightness manager free.
  • Friends i can say this is the best app to control all your settings in your mobile.
  • Means you can set all your brightness controls of mobile just using this single app.
  • After searching for this app you will get this app at second or third position from there you have to click on the icon.



Unlock secret tricks hide in your brightness option

  • After clicking on the icon you will get install button as i shown in above picture.
  • From there you have to click on the install button then installation of this app will start
  • After the app installation we will get a button to open the app that is open in green color we have to open the app.
  • After opening the app we can set entire settings from here only.
  • here is a useful photo which shows which type of facilities are available in this App.




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How to use the App
  • Friends after opening the app we will get entire apps which are installed in our mobile phone and from there we have to select any app.
  • After selecting the mobile we have to select either the automatic brightness system or manual brightness system .
  • we can use which type of system we want.
  • After selecting the brightness system we just have to open such app.
  • In addition to this on which we selected the brightness from there we can observe that how much this app reduced the brightness of that app.
  • From here only we can control entire the brightness system of the mobile.
  • To download the app download link is below.



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Finally :

Finally friends you can easily download the above mentioned app and you can easily control all settings related to brightness in your entire mobile i hope you liked that article if you feel this article will be helpful to your friends then share it with your friends and subscribe to Nonstop Techtips press the bell icon to get latest updates on technology related videos thank you so much

Take care bye bye


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