Tiktok Alternative App In India 2020 , Gaana hotshots

Tiktok Alternative App In India 2020 , Gaana hotshots


Friends my name is saikrishna in this video i explained about the tiktok alternative app.



  • Hi friends! my name i Saikrishna i well here and i hope you all are doing well.
  • Friends as you tiktok was a very famous & popular app in India.
  • But due to data sharing problem tiktok along with other 58 apps have been banned in India and today they are not available in play store.
  • Friends i already explained two apps clearly how to use .
  • In addition with this how to upload videos in those app which are similar to the tiktok.



  • but using those apps we are not getting same satisfaction as same as tiktok.
  • But friends i brought a very famous and popular app now a days this app has spread its vide root in India because top creator of tiktok are using this app.
  • So i explained a detailed procedure how you can use this app and how you can upload videos here and become popular creator.
  • icon of the app is as under

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App Details

Version : 8.6.7

Updated on : 11 Jul 2020

Downloads : 100M+ downloads

Offered by : Gamma Gaana Ltd

Released on : 15 Jan 2013

App Permissions : Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Storage.



Facts about the App
  • Friends from you can see how much this app has craze because this app has 100M+ downloads which indicates this app status app super legend.
  • Friends this app has 3M reviews which are so much high.
  • Rating for this app has given 4.5 which all indicates the status and using experience of this app.



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How to download the App
  • Friends to download the app you have to switch on your mobile.
  • There after you just have to switch on your mobile data from there friends you have to open play store app in your mobile.
  • After opening playstore app in your mobile you have to search for an app that is gaana.
  • Thereafter you will get this app at very first from there you have to select on the icon.
  • Then a button will come under this icon that is install button which will be in green color.




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  • From there you have to click on the install button and your install will be automatically starts.
  • After the installation there will be two buttons come in front of you which are uninstall and open image is as under :


  • From here on wards we have to click on the open button to open this tiktok-alternative app.
  • If we press on the uninstall the this automatically uninstalled.



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How to use this tiktok-alternative app
  • Friends when you open this app after the installation you will get a terms and condition window.
  • Thereafter you can read the terms and condition or accept and reject the terms and conditions.



  • if you accept it then you will be able to proceed into the app otherwise you will not be able to enter into the app.
  • After giving acceptance you will get login button from there friends you will get four ways to login this app.
  • Friends i am telling you that if you are a first time user you have to signup otherwise you have to login.



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  • Friends the ways are mobile number, facebook, google account, e-mail.
  • Friends login with mobile number is easier and you have to enter your mobile number.
  • In addition to this and with the help of otp you have to verify that otp then your account will be created.



  • After creating a account in this app you will be able upload dp to your profile then you will get some photos with detailed information of facilities available in this app.
  • Image is as under :



Tiktok Alternative App In India 2020 , Gaana hotshots

  • From there friends you can watch others videos and you can follow them.
  • Thereafter creating an account you can easily upload videos like tiktok made with your talent and creativity.
  • Just using this Gaana Hotshots which is tiktok-alternative app you can also become popular creator then you will get right mark beside your name. ALL THE BEST





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Finally : 

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