WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp Tricks 2020 , Latest WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp Tricks 2020 , Latest WhatsApp Tricks


Hi friends my name is Saikrishna in this articles i explained about WhatsApp tricks 2020



  • Hello Guys!  my name is saikrishna and i welcome you all to Nonstop Techtips.
  • Friends you and me always know that there are some persons in lives to whom we don’t want to give any space in our life.
  • As well as in our mobile phone too.
  • But friends unfortunately what happen one situation will come.
  • Like that in such situation we have to send message to those particular persons through WhatsApp.



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  • In WhatsApp terms and condition there is a rule which says without saving anyone mobile number in our contact list we cannot do message to him.
  • But Friends as usual i brought a best & useful app.
  • In addition with this app through which you can send messages to those disliked persons of your life through WhatsApp without saving their mobile number.
  • In this video i explained entire procedure to send Whatsapp message through this WhatsApp-tricks.




  • Icon of the App is as under:-


App Details

Version : 9.0.1

Updated on : 17 Apr 2019

Downloads : 100K+ downloads

Offered by : Syscron AI

Released on : 20 Mar 2017

App Permissions : have full network access, view network connections, prevent phone from sleeping

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Facts about the App
  • Friends from you can see how much this app has craze because this app has 100k+ downloads which indicates this app status app super legend.
  • Friends this app has 6K reviews which are so much high.
  • Rating for this app has given 4.6 which all indicates the status and using experience of this app.




How to download the App
  • Friends to download the app you have to switch on your mobile.
  • You just have to switch on your mobile data from there friends you have to open play store app in your mobile.
  • After opening playstore app in your mobile you have to search for an app that is WhatsDirect.
  • There after there friends you will direct this app at the top and you have to click on the App icon which i showed at the starting of this article.


Unlock secret tricks hide in your brightness option

  • After clicking on this article you will get a install button in green color then you have to click on the install button.
  • From there after installation procedure will start and then you have to wait until i will be installed in your mobile.
  • After the installation you will get the below icon.


  • From here you have to click on the open button which is green color if you will press on the white color button then your app will be uninstalled.




How to use the App get benefits of whatsapp-tricks 2020
  • Friends after the installation you have click on the open button then the app will be open in your mobile
  • The same interface will be open as same i told you in video then friends you have to give permission.
  • In addition to this or the terms and condition policy from there you can read or you can directly give permission to that terms and conditions.


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  • Then after friends a small interface will come along with 5 photos in such photos all the facilities in this app are clearly exlained.
  • Some of them are as under.


How to use this App and get benefits of Whatsapp-tricks 2020
  • Friends from here an interface will open in which you have to enter the person mobile number to whom you want to send the message.
  • From there at the very first you have to select his/her country code and then you have to enter his number.
  • From here friends if you wants to send any multi media files.
  • You can send after selecting send media button if you want to send any message you can easily type from there and you can send easily.


  • After clicking on the send button you will be directly redirected to WhatsApp.
  • There after form there you can send this message to those persons without saving their mobile number in your mobile.

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