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WhatsApp update to send impressive messages

WhatsApp update to send impressive messages


Friends in this video i explained about WhatsApp update and how to send impressive messages.



  • Hello guys! my name is saikrishna and welcome to Nonstop Techtips i hope you all are doing great.
  • Friends i hope you all use WhatsApp and friends a new WhatsApp-update came.
  • In addition to this onn WhatsApp through which you can send impressive messages from your WhatsApp.
  • I can surely say that friends you can easily impress anyone by sending this messages.


  • Friends if you send this same messages to your friends they will shock.
  • They will request you to tell about the trick how you applied this trick and send those messages to them.
  • Friend in this article i explained how you can apply this WhatsApp-trick and send impress messages this is new WhatsApp secrect tricks.



Icon :

App Details

Version :

Updated on : 06 Jul 2020

Downloads : 5B+ downloads

Offered by : WhatsApp Inc.

Released on : 18 Oct 2010

App permission : Camera, contacts, Location, Microphone, Call logs, Phone, sms, Storage.


WhatsApp update to send impressive messages


How to Update the App :

  • Friends this update is not available in all devices this update is available in only beta version.


  • If you use universal version then in some devices only this update is available.
  • To check this update is available in you device or not i will provide a link below.
  • From there you can check whether in your device this update will be available or not.
  • When see  a link in your description you have to click on the description.



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  • Thereafter from there you will redirect in to a website and you in that article you will get a update check link.
  • After clicking on the update checking like you will redirect to playstore.
  • From there you will get a update button in green color and you have to click on the green update button.



How to use the WhatsApp-tricks to send impressive messages 
  • To Send impressive messages friends open your updated WhatsApp in your mobile .
  • And open the contact to whom you want to sent those impressive messages using this new whatsapp secret tricks in WhatsApp-update.



  • Opening the contact open emojis icon which is on the left of message tab then you can see three icons in the below middle of the screen which are emojis, gifs and stickers icon you have to open stickers icon from there you have to app impressive messages after clicking on the + button which is in the right side.


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  • In addition to this clicking on the + button you will see Playful Piyomaru.
  • From there you can download the stickers and after downloading you have to click on the right mark.
  • After clicking on the right mark stickers will be added directly to your messages tab.




  • And friends finally you can send free and impressive messages using this WhatsApp-update.
  • I am sure that your friends will shock after seeing this messages and they will request you to tell them how you sent this messages.



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Finally :

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